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Structure of the month

enlarged view

Figure 1. 

(a) Active Rhodopsin structures of Meta II and Meta II in complex with a Gα fragment. Side view of cartoon model of Meta II and Meta II–GαCT2, that is, Meta II in complex with an 11-amino-acid C-terminal peptide derived from the transducin Gα subunit, representing the key binding site on the heterotrimeric G protein. In Meta II, the agonist all-trans-retinal (shown as blue spheres) is covalently linked to Lys 296. The G-protein-interacting conformation of Meta II (right panel) is identified by the bound Gα fragment (shown in purple).

(b) Retinal binding pocket of Meta II.  All-trans-retinal and neighbouring residues shown as stick model for Meta II (orange) with 2Fo-Fc electron density map contoured at 1.0σ (grey mesh). Retinal is shown as blue stick model.

enlarged view

Table 1. Diffraction data and refinement statistics. Values in parantheses are for highest resolution shell.