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HIFIS | Helmholtz Federated IT Services

Helmholtz Digital Services for Science — Collaboration made easy.


We invite all  employees, all PhD students as well as all experts and researchers of the Helmholtz Association to access our overviews: at HIFIS.net or as brief summary (English or German).

  • Become part of the community: HIFIS Digital Services for Helmholtz & Partners.

  • Use the Helmholtz Cloud Services.

  • Ask questions about software engineering to the HIFIS Consulting Team.

  • Discover HIFIS courses and trainings.

  • Inspire your colleagues to use HIFIS

We offer IT resources and services, consulting and expertise – from the collection, storage, linking and analysis of research data to the publication of the results. Particular focus is placed on the topic of Research Software Engineering (RSE) as well as on the reliable protection of confidential data and research results through hosting your data in the EU.

Feel free to check out our HIFIS E-Learning or the HIDA catalog for trainings in e.g. Python or GitLab. Our Cloud Services are provided via the Helmholtz Cloud Portal.

HIFIS Consulting helps you with issues related to Software Engineering, e.g. open source, licensing or questions about the implementation of new or existing software projects. This service is individual and free of charge.  Everything needed is some background information regarding your request.

Thank you for supporting HIFIS and spreading the word about it! 😄

HIFIS' mission

The top position of Helmholtz research is increasingly based on cross-centre and international cooperation and common access to data treasure and -services. At the same time, the significance of a sustainable software development for the research process is recognised.

HIFIS builds and sustains an excellent IT infrastructure connecting all Helmholtz research fields and centres.

This includes the Helmholtz Cloud, where members of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres provide selected IT-Services for joint use. HIFIS further supports Research Software Engineering (RSE) with a high level of quality, visibility and sustainability.

HIFIS belongs to the Information & Data Science Platforms of the Helmholtz association.