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Remote Access

At an increasing number of beamlines and experimental stations, we offer mail-in services and remote access. Please find the list of possible instruments HERE.

Please discuss the option and the feasibility of remote access with your INSTRUMENT SCIENTIST first.


Not all beamlines and definitely not all experiments are suitable for a service measurement. If you are interested in this option, please proceed as follows:

(1)  Discuss the possibility of mail-in service and remote access with the respective beamline scientist. The decision if a remote access measurement is possible lies with the beamline scientist.

(2)  If remote access is possible for your experiment, the beamline scientist will inform the HZB User Coordination; your scheduled beamtime will be marked as ‘remote access’ in GATE.

(3)  Provide the safety declaration and declaration of chemicals via GATE.

(4)  Provide the beamline scientist with all the necessary and relevant information concerning your samples and the planned experiments via email

(5)  Send in your samples, following the HZB shipping instructions (will be provided by HZB User Coordination).

(6)  Please make sure to inform the HZB colleague on all safety measures that have to be taken with your samples.


Remote access to the beamlines is offered via NoMachine NX. This technology is a proprietary software application for remote access, desktop sharing, virtual desktop and file transfer between computers. Your local contacts will provide you with details what parts of your experiment can already be controlled remotely.
Video conections between your local and remote team can be established via jitsi.

Please find more detailed information on NoMachine NX HERE.


You will receive the shipping instructions as soon as the HZB User Coordination has bee informed by the beamline scientist that there is an agreement on ‘remote access’ for your beamtime.


Without the dedicated support of HZB beamline scientists your mail-in and remote access experiments could not be carried out. You are kindly requested to acknowledge the responsible beamline scientist as co-author on your publication. A brief mention at the end of the publication is not sufficient (more INFO).