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Joint Research Group Operando Battery Analysis

Operando Battery Analysis

Joint research group

The research group Operando Battery Analysis is a joint initiative between Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin and Humboldt-Universität Berlin under the direction of Philipp Adelhelm (Professor of Physical Chemistry of Materials / Electrochemistry). The research group is dedicated to studying batteries during operation (in-situ / operando).

During charging and discharging of a battery, all cell components interact with each other in a complex manner. Phase transformations, interfacial processes, storage capacity, oxidation states, the voltage window, and also aging mechanisms depend on the materials used. Investigations of the materials during operation, i.e. during charging and discharging over several cycles, are therefore extremely relevant for understanding the cell chemistry. To this end, the joint research group combines electrochemical measurements with methods such as gas analysis (DEMS), dilatometry, pressure measurements, and X-ray diffraction. The main focus of the group is on materials for lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries, as well as on metal-sulfur and solid-state batteries.

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