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Institute Methods and Instrumentation for Synchrotron Radiation Research

Research Statement

The world of Synchrotron Radiation and Science with Photons is a highly dynamic field that continues to undergo rapid evolution due the unique element specific and chemical selective probes soft X-rays provide and the attractive time structure of brilliant accelerator driven X-ray sources. At HZB the BESSY II Synchrotron Storage Ring gives unique scientific opportunities for spectroscopy, ultrafast methods and scattering at the frontiers of energy, momentum and time resolution. At the institute we do Science with Photons and enable the synchrotron radiation research of the user community. With optimized and world leading Synchrotron experimental capabilities we address phase transitions and dynamics in solids, magnetic systems on elemental time and length scales, molecular systems and their dynamics as well as how to exercise atomic control of function. In a science driven link with national and international Universities and Research Centres, we create with Synchrotron Radiation the scientific backbone to link elemental materials function to the grand challenges of efficient energy technologies, the harvesting of solar energy, clean chemistry as well as data storage and distribution.