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Our research at a glance

The solutions we need are in our own hands

This shows a wafer with a sample cell. - enlarged view

Wafer, photo Martin Muske

A secure and sustainable supply of energy is one of the greatest challenges for society. The mission of the HZB is to understand, improve, and develop new energy materials: for example, solar cells, but also materials for the production of solar fuels with sunlight, electrodes for batteries or materials for energy-efficient information technologies. We provide the most modern infrastructure and instruments for this research, in particular the BESSY II electron storage ring, a particle accelerator that delivers synchrotron radiation in the soft X-ray and VUV regions.

We work together with specialists in energy materials research and accelerator development from the world over. We work with experts from all over the world. At our electron storage ring BESSY II, we have an average of 2700 visits from guest researchers per year. Our CoreLabs are also available to external guests for their experiments

Brief introduction to our research