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Job opportunities

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application until 07.06.2022    SE 2022/12

Postdoc Scientist (f/m/d) in Physics, Electrical Engineering or Related Fields with Focus on Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar Cells

application until 07.06.2022    QM 2022/8

Postdoctoral Researcher - Instrument Scientist (f/m/d) at the X-ray Spectrometer PEAXIS at BESSY II

application until 17.06.2022    QM 2022/10

Postdoc (m/w/d) as Deputy Leader of the Young Investigator Group "MaXRay: Magnetism and Coherent X-Ray Imaging"


application until 24.05.2022    BE 2022/3

PhD Student (f/m/d) in Accelerator Physics

application until 28.05.2022    SE 2022/18

PhD-Student (f/m/d) for Perovskite-based Tandem Solar Cells

application until 17.06.2022    QM 2022/9

PhD Student (f/m/d) for the Search of Movable Chiral Spin Textures in Thin-Film Antiferromagnets

Scientific assistant

application until 27.06.2022    BE 2022/4

Student Assistant (f/m/d) in Physics or Engineering for the Development and Operation of a Diagnostic Beamline


application until 31.05.2022    FM 2022/1

Student Assistant (f/m/d) in the Department Planning and Construction

application until 14.06.2022    GF 2022/19

Metalworker (f/m/d) Specialized in Precision Engineering or Industrial Mechanics

application until 21.06.2022    BE 2022/6

Engineer (f/m/d) for the Control System of the Cyclotron Accelerator


application until 03.06.2022    IT 2022/9

Student Assistant (f/m/d)

application until 21.06.2022    IT 2022/10

IT Management Officer (f/m/d), BA in Administration, Economics, or Computer Science

application until 21.06.2022    IT 2022/11

Senior IT Project Manager (f/m/d)


application until 19.06.2022    GF 2022/1

Webredakteur*in / Webmaster (w/m/d) in der Onlineredaktion

application until 21.06.2022    SE 2022/16

Team Assistance (f/m/d) in Part-Time 50% for the Department of Solution-Processing of Hybrid Materials and Devices

application until 23.06.2022    SE 2022/15

Team Assistance (f/m/d)


application until 15.06.2022    WI 2021/10

Apprentices as Precision Mechanic (f/m/d)

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