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Job opportunities

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application until 09.10.2022    SE 2022/37

Post-doctoral researcher (f/m/d) in material science, chemistry or chemical engineering for cell and reactor design for catalytic thin film characterization

application until 16.10.2022    QM 2022/15

Postdoc (Data Science, Chemistry, Physics) (f/m/d)

application until 16.10.2022    SE 2022/36

Postdoctoral Researcher (f/m/d) in the Field of Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, and/or Materials Science for the X-ray spectroscopic investigation of interfaces in CIGS/Si tandem solar cells

application until 18.10.2022    SE 2022/39

Postdoc (f/m/d) for the Development of a Microchannel Reactor for Fischer Tropsch Synthesis of Aviation Fuel Using Thin-Film Catalysts

application until 30.10.2022    BE 2022/9

Scientist (f/m/d) for Optical Beam Diagnostics


application until 23.10.2022    SE 2022/38

Doctoral Student (f/m/d) for the Investigation of Novel Catalysts for Sustainable Aviation Fuels under Operating Conditions by Synchrotron-Based X-Ray Spectroscopies

application until 23.10.2022    GF 2022/30

PhD Student (f/m/d) in Nanostructured Thin-Film Electrodes for Water Electrolysis Under Industrially Relevant Conditions


application until 16.10.2022    QM 2022/18

Engineer /Technician (f/m/d) for High-Precision Scientific Instruments

application until 16.10.2022    WI 2022/13

Chemical Laboratory Technician (f/m/d) in Shift Work

application until 16.10.2022    WI 2022/14

Technical Employee / Engineer (f/m/d) for Scientific Electronics

application until 18.10.2022    SE 2022/40

Design and Development Engineer (f/m/d) for Chemical Reactors for Fischer Tropsch Synthesis of Sustainable Aviation Fuel

application until 30.10.2022    BE 2022/8

Diagnostic Engineer (f/m/d) for Synchrotron Light Sources


application until 03.10.2022    IT 2022/17

(Junior) IT Management Officer (f/m/d), BA in Administration, Economics, or Computer Science

application until 03.10.2022    IT 2022/18

Senior IT Project Manager (f/m/d)

application until 03.10.2022    IT 2022/19

Computer Scientist as Head (f/m/d) of IT Network Group

application until 09.10.2022    IT 2022/13

IT Systems Engineer (SAP) (f/m/d)

application until 09.10.2022    IT 2022/14

IT Systems Engineer (f/m/d)

application until 16.10.2022    IT 2022/15

Team Assistance / Office Manager (f/m/d) IT Department

application until 30.10.2022    IT 2022/21

Student Assistant (f/m/d)

application until 06.11.2022    IT 2022/20

Dual Computer Science Degree Programme 2023


application until 03.10.2022    GF 2022/28

Chemistry Officer (f/m/d) in the Central Safety Department

application until 09.10.2022    SE 2022/31

Office Manager / Foreign Language Secretary (f/m/d) in Part-Time

application until 23.10.2022    A 2022/8

Project Manager (f/m/d) SAP


application until 03.10.2022    FM 2022/6

Trainee/Apprentice Chef (f/m/d)

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