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Job opportunities

Test solar cell

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application until 05.02.2023    BE 2022/10

Senior Scientist as Specialist (f/m/d) for Computing in the Institute for Accelerator Physics

application until 09.02.2023    CE 2022/30

Postdoc (f/m/d) for In-situ Growth Analysis and Characterisation of Thin-Films for Solar Cells

application until 09.02.2023    CE 2022/33

Postdoc (f/m/d) in the Field of Materials Science, Physics, or Chemistry

application until 10.02.2023    GF 2023/1

Postdoc (f/m/d) for the Development of Thin-Film Catalysts for the Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 and H2O

application until 12.02.2023    CE 2022/29

Development Scientist/Engineer (f/m/d) for Micro-/Nanofabrication of Atomic Force Microscopy Probes

application until 14.02.2023    SE 2022/55

Postdoc (f/m/d) for Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Materials and Interfaces for Perovskite Solar Cells


application until 05.02.2023    CE 2022/32

Doctoral Student (f/m/d) for the Investigation of Novel Catalysts for Sustainable Aviation Fuels under Operating Conditions by Synchrotron-Based X-Ray Spectroscopies

application until 07.02.2023    WI 2023/1

Scientist with Doctoral Degree (f/m/d) for User Coordination as Parental Leave Representation

application until 10.02.2023    CE 2023/1

Doctoral Student (f/m/d) in Chemistry for Photo/Electrochemical CO2 Conversion

application until 12.02.2023    SE 2022/49

PhD Student (f/m/d) for the Development of DNP-on-a-Chip for Enhanced Nuclear Spin Sensitivity

application until 12.02.2023    PS 2022/16

Doctoral Student (f/m/d) in Pump-Probe Ultrafast X-Ray Spectroscopy of Photocatalytic Materials

application until 16.02.2023    BE 2023/1

Doctoral Student (f/m/d) for Commissioning and Beam Physics Photoinjector

application until 22.02.2023    PS 2022/15

Doctoral Student (f/m/d) (M.Sc. in Physics or Chemistry) for Investigation of the Electronic Structure of Isolated Transition Metal Complexes in Unusually High Oxidation States and Their Relation to the Oxygen Evolving Complex

application until 22.02.2023    QM 2022/23

Doctoral Student (f/m/d) in the Field of Quantum Dynamics with Master in Theoretical Chemistry or Physics

Scientific assistant

application until 14.02.2023    GF 2023/2

Student Assistant (f/m/d) in the Communication Department


application until 13.02.2023    BE 2022/13

Electronics Technician (f/m/d) for Test Stands and Measurements

application until 19.02.2023    FM 2023/1

Engineer (f/m/d) for Energy Management

application until 19.02.2023    FM 2023/3

Student Assistant (f/m/d) Planning and Construction


application until 05.02.2023    IT 2022/29

IT System Administrator Linux Operating Systems (f/m/d)

application until 16.02.2023    IT 2022/27

IT System Administrator (f/m/d) Linux & Nextcloud

application until 16.02.2023    IT 2022/28

IT System Administrator (f/m/d) for Windows, VoIP and Process Automatization

application until 22.02.2023    IT 2023/1

Senior IT Project Manager (f/m/d)

application until 26.02.2023    IT 2023/2

SAP Software Engineer (f/m/d)


application until 26.02.2023    GF 2023/3

Research Promotion Officer (f/m/d) in the Field of Solar Energy


application until 19.02.2023    IT 2022/26

Apprenticeship System Integration IT Specialist (f/m/d)

application until 28.02.2023    WI 2022/26

Apprentices as Precision Mechanic (f/m/d)

application until 30.04.2023    A 2023/1

Ausbildung zur Kauffrau/zum Kaufmann für Büromanagement (w/m/d)