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Institute for Electronic Structure Dynamics

Electronic Structure Dynamics

Research Statement

The development of novel, customized materials plays a central role in solving the major social challenges of our time. Creating the basis for knowledge-based material development is the objective of research at the Institute of Electronic Structure Dynamics. To this end, the relationship between the macroscopic properties of matter and its electronic structure is investigated. An inherent part of the research activity is the development of novel experimental techniques and infrastructures, especially for the investigation of the dynamics of elementary processes on their intrinsic time scales. The institute's research thus contributes directly to HZB's mission of laying the foundations for a climate-neutral society through innovative materials research, new sustainable technologies and state-of-the-art infrastructures.

Within the Helmholtz Association's program-oriented funding, both research into the electronic structure of matter and the development of new technologies and infrastructures can be mapped to the goals of the research program "From Matter to Materials and Life (MML)" of the research field "Matter". The Institute makes direct contributions to the milestones of the topics "Matter - Dynamics, Mechanisms and Control (RT 1)" and "Materials - Quantum, Complex and Functional Materials (RT 2)" as well as the research infrastructure topic "Photon Facilities".

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