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Institute for Electronic Structure Dynamics


The Institute comprises three specialist groups which, in addition to their research, are responsible for the operation, use and further development of the Institute's infrastructure. These three specialist groups are

IR Spectro-Microscopy
This group operates the IRIS infrared beamline at the BESSY II synchrotron radiation source. The aim of the group's research is to understand at the molecular level the origin of stability and efficiency of novel functional materials for renewable energy sources and catalytic water splitting.

Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy
This group operates the laser laboratories ULLAS and LIDUX. The scientific focus is to study the dynamics of fundamental molecular reactions in aqueous solutions and at aqueous interfaces on their inherently ultra-fast time scales.

Femtoslicing Spectroscopy
This group operates the femtoslicing facility at BESSY and conducts research on materials with complex phase transitions, which, due to their macroscopic properties, can make future electronic and magnetic components smaller, faster and more
energy-efficient. The aim is to understand the microscopic origin of these properties and, based on this, to optimize them in a targeted manner.