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Our main services are the development, assembly and repair of electronic equipment or devices. We additionally offer support for scientific-technical hardware in laboratory constructions.

Electronics Workshop

A team of 4 electrical engineers and technicians offer the manufacturing of prototypes, small assemblies or custom designs and the repair of electronic devices and components. Furthermore, we offer technical support during the operation of scientific-technical hardware in laboratory constructions.


 Devices Assembly:   - from draft to finished device

  • Circuit board placement (also SMD Technology)
  • Device wiring
  • Front panel (draft, manufacturing and assembly)
  • Equipment testing
  • Order processing with contractors

Further Services

  • Repair  of faulty HZB and industrial devices
  • Handling of repair orders with contractors
  • Application-specific alteration of industrial devices
  • Modification of specialized wires and adapters
  • Consulting during acquisition of replacement devices

Circuit board:   - from circuit design to finished circuit board -

Creation of circuit board layouts

  • Construction of circuit board with LPKF milling drill plotter  (structures up to 0.1 mm)
  • Ordering circuit boards from external companies (Data format: X-Gerber, Excellon or Eagle-Board file)

Scientific technical hardware: - in close cooperation with the department Experiment Control and Data Acquisition -

  •  Support, troubleshooting and adjustment of process controls
  •  Connecting of sensors, actuators and engines