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Chemistry Laboratory

The chemistry laboratory is located in the main building 14.51 on ground floor level and comprises

  • fume hoods
  • balance
  • storage containers for hazardous chemicals
  • explosion-proof refrigerator (3°C / 34.7°F)
  • selection of glassware
  • further equipment is available on request
Chemistry Lab photos

If you want to make use of the chemistry lab please contact Anna-Marie Runge prior to your arrival. If you have an HZB ID you may also book it online HERE. Please have a look at the LAB RULES before you start working.

PLEASE NOTE: complete the REGISTRATION FORM at least seven days prior to your work in the chemistry lab and provide us with more details on your experiment, your arrival date etc.

Only with your provided information, we are able to arrange an individual lab safety instruction and prepare safety precautions in time. The safety instruction is valid for one year and grants access to the lab. After one year you need to refresh the safety instruction. During normal office hours Anna-Marie Runge will hand out a magnet card. On weekends and at nighttime please contact the Hallendienst (phone number 12984).

Chemistry Lab floor plan - enlarged view

Detailed floor plan of the Chemistry Laboratory 14.51-3195