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EU support programmes

NO more funding for EU users

With the end of the CALIPSOplus programme in October 2021 Trans National Access (TNA) funding to access synchrotron and FEL facilities (paying travel and accommodation costs for one or more members on a beamtime) has finished and at present there is no direct replacement by the European Commission in the form of a general access programme that would continue to provide TNA to all researchers from across Europe.

As a consequence - and to our deepest regret - HZB is no longer able to offer funding for users coming from EU and EU associated countries and we are forced to reject all funding requests by European users of the upcoming proposal round.

If you are interested to voice your concerns on the ramifications of the now missing funding possibilities, we would like to encourage you to

  • contact the European Synchrotron and FEL User Organization ESUO.
  • contact your national user organisation or national representative within ESUO.
  • fill in the User Survey Questionnaire on the “Possible impacts of the absence of Trans National Access (TNA) funding for the user community” launched by ESUO.
  • write a letter detailing the impact - or earlier benefit - of the lack of TNA (or earlier availability) for your research. This letter could be sent to ESUO, but also sent to your national contact points on integrating activities committee.

The outcome of the questionnaire will empower ESUO to continue advocating both to the European Commission and to the National Funding Agencies in each of our delegates countries for TNA funding for all science topics and for all scientists across Europe and from each nation to help ensure there is no geographic barrier to access LEAPS facilities (League of European Accelerator-based Photon Sources).


Exception: The Joint Research Group Macromolecular Crystallography provides funding for some MX beamtime campaigns. Please contact Dr. Manfred Weiss (manfred.weiss@helmholtz-berlin.de) to clarify the eligible criteria.