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The route to BESSY III

  • How can we develop new materials for a sustainable energy supply?
  • What strategies can researchers develop against antibiotic-resistant pathogens and viruses?
  • How can historical treasures be preserved for our future generations?

The 21st century presents many challenges and scientists are tackling them head on. For more than 40 years, researchers from near and far have been working with synchrotron radiation in Berlin. At BESSY II, our internationally renowned electron storage ring, extremely bright X-ray radiation is generated for highly diverse research.

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Graphic Recording of the Catalysis Workshop in April 2020. - enlarged view

Graphic Recording of the Catalysis Workshop in April 2020.
Picture: Christine Oymann

Tailwind for the successor source BESSY III

There is one thing that researchers from universities and industry as well as our researchers at HZB all agree on: we need a powerful source of soft X-rays in Germany – now and in the future! We have the expertise for that here at HZB. We have the experts for designing and building a new accelerator source, and we have many creative scientists onboard, who are making advancements in the development of photon research with the research their fields. The new BESSY III synchrotron is scheduled to go into operation in the early 2030s. Our aim is to offer worldwide unique experiments that will accelerate the gaining of new insights in many disciplines.

User participation

Innovative technologies and new X-ray experiments must be developed if we are to answer the questions of tomorrow. We therefore invite our users and strategic partners to get involved in the development of experiments (> link). Their farsightedness regarding the needs of research will guide our plans. We are therefore organising workshops on the topics of energy materials, imaging, metrology and time-resolved measurement. At BESSY II, researchers from around the entire world are meeting digitally or onsite in order to be involved in the development of the successor source BESSY III. In the process, we also want to break new ground in sustainable construction and to improve the energy efficiency during operation.

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Where are we at the moment?

A project team of specialists from many fields (science, technology, civil engineering, industry, communication etc.) is currently determining the scientific and technological requirements and developing the technical concept of the system (Conceptual Design Report), which we will present in 2022. For this, we want to rethink all components of the facility, such as the accelerator, X-ray optics, beam guidance and data analysis.

BESSY III - a "discovery machine”

We are certain: BESSY III will be an indispensable “discovery machine” for material and energy research. Quantum materials, catalysis and many other topics from physics, chemistry, biology, metrology and industry will benefit from the high-brightness X-ray light. The technology location Germany will also need the best light in future for its research.

> Read our interview of Markus Sauerborn, project coordinator for BESSY III (lichtblick magazine, June 2020).

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