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  • Suggestion Public event
    Diversity Festival Adlershof
    14:00 o'clock

    SPECIAL GUESTS: Brix Schaumburg, Yolanda Rother, Musikband Shmaltz

    With the Diversity Festival Adlershof we want to address the importance of diversity in the context of work and working together. Our focus will be on local stakeholders, especially in the university and corporate context.

    Discuss with experts, hear about challenges and learn about practical approaches to solutions. Role models and coaches will demonstrate how diversity is becoming increasingly essential as a driver of innovation and in attracting talent. The festival is the cornerstone for the Diversity Network Adlershof.

    Art and music complete the program. Come by and help shape the festival and Adlershof with your ideas!

  • HZB Date Public event
    The Long Night of Science
    17:00 o'clock

    We cordially invite you to the Long Night of Science at the Wannsee site from 5 pm to 0 am. Learn more about our research, including the latest solar cells and batteries of the future. We offer guided tours through laboratories, lectures, activities for children and many hands-on experiments for everybody. We look forward to your visit!

    More information (in English):

  • 8th European Crystallography School 2023

    The focus of the 2023 School will be laid upon the various applications of X-ray crystallography of powders, small molecules and proteins, covering from the fundaments of Diffraction to the latest developments in the fields.

  • Seminaris CampusHotel Berlin, Takustraße 39, 14195 Berlin
    event with partners Scientific school
    CERN Accelerator School in Berlin

    The CERN Accelerator School organizes in collaboration with the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB) a course for 'RF for Accelerators'.

    This unique 2-week residential course will mainly be of interest to staff in accelerator laboratories, university departments or companies involved in producing RF equipment for accelerators. The course will include a review of the RF technology presently used in the field of particle accelerators as well as a recapitulation of the theoretical fundamentals.

    Different RF equipment and RF technologies will be discussed along with their practical applications for various types of accelerators. Dedicated "hands-on" afternoon courses  and seminars will complete the programme.

    Due to the afternoon courses the maximum number of participants will be limited. The principle of "first come first served" will be applied.

    It is recommended that participants register as soon as possible, first come first served as there may be a limited number of participants due to limitations of the hotel facilities and hands-on courses.

  • BESSY@HZB User Meeting 2023

    The user meeting 2023 will take place June 22 to June 23 as a summer meeting on-site and live in Berlin-Adlershof. Participation is free of charge.

  • 25 years of eye tumour therapy at the HZB proton accelerator
    14:00 o'clock

    At Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB), eye tumours have been successfully treated with accelerated protons for 25 years. The Charité Eye Clinic as medical partner and the HZB as operator of the proton accelerator in Berlin-Wannsee would like to celebrate this extraordinary cooperative achievement together with a festive event.

    Detailed information and a link to registration will follow.

  • Hirschegg, Kleinwalsertal, Austria
    event with partners Scientific school
    Quantsol Summer School 2023

    International Quantsol Summer School on Photovoltaics and New Concepts of Quantum Solar Energy Conversion 2023

    September 3 - 10, 2023 in Hirschegg, Austria

    We would like to inform you about the upcoming International Summer School on Photovoltaics and New Concepts of Quantum Solar Energy Conversion to be held from September 3-10, 2023 in Hirschegg, Kleinwalsertal, Austria. The school is now open for application until May 28th 2023 (Currently Central European Summer Time CEST, UTC +2). You can find the link for the application form in the upper left corner.The school primarily addresses young postdocs, PhD students, and master students in their final year at university with an interest in photovoltaics and solar energy conversion. Please note that due to the strong interest in our school persons that have already participated cannot be accepted a second time. Invited speakers, all recognised scientists from leading world institutions, will give lectures covering a wide range of topics on the fundamental principles of the conversion of solar energy into chemical and electrical energy as well as the physical and technical challenges. The school will follow the tradition of previous very successful summer schools in 1998, 2001, 2003, 2006, 2008-2022. It is organized to be very interactive and the participants and speakers are requested to present their field of research and themselves in a short oral presentation on the first day of the school

  • event with partners Conference
    Principles of Functionality from Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy Conference

    Alexander Föhlisch et al.

    SXR2023 brings together young and experienced scientists to discuss recent scientific highlights, trends, and current advances with soft X-ray spectroscopy. Our goal is to further understanding on the atomic level. The impetus is to influence and ideally shape functionality in materials and molecular systems. In this effort, scientists cross intentionally the boundaries between physics, chemistry and materials and focus on the unifying aspects of functionality. Insights to the governing principles are often based on the combination of experiment with first principles theory and models. Thus a profound description of X-ray matter interaction — creating the spectroscopic observables — is always underlying.