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Scientific Instrumentation and Support

BESSY II building with EMIL extension from outside

Departments in the WI division

The division Scientific Instrumentation and Support (WI) develops and operates technical components for scientific infrastructures in HZB. We provide central support for all areas of scientific research in HZB as well as our external users and partners.

Optics and Beamlines

Optics and Beamlines

Overview: Optics and Beamlines

The Department of Optics and Beamlines (WI-AOS) focuses its work on the design, construction and initial commissioning of new beamlines and x-ray optical systems, as well as on ex-situ and in-situ measurements of optics.

Precision Gratings

Precision Gratings

Overview: Precision Gratings

The aim of the department Precision Gratings is to provide diffraction gratings for scientific applications. The focus is on soft X-ray gratings for monochromators of beamlines and spectrometers.



Overview: Undulators

The Undulator department currently operates 11 permanent magnet undulators at the BESSY II storage ring. All devices have been constructed and built in house. We continuously upgrade existing devices and develop new devices for storage ring applications and next generation light sources. The in-house undulator expertise allows us to work at the cutting edge of undulator development.

Sample Environment

Sample Environment

Overview: Sample Environment

The department supports experiments at BESSY II with various sample environment (high magnetic fields, low and high temperatures, high pressures, gas loading etc.), and operates several User Labs at the Wannsee site.

Scientific Equipment Development

Scientific Equipment Development comprises four departments that provide central scientific-technical support at both HZB sites: Sample Environment, Construction and Manufacturing, and Electronics. These departments often work jointly on projects and have some shared development and manufacturing processes.

The head of Scientific Equipment Development, Dr Klaus Kiefer, also serves as contact for joint development and manufacturing projects.

User Coordination and Technical User Support

The Main Department User Coordination and Technical Support unites the two departments that provide central user support at BESSY II.

The head of the department, Dr Antje Vollmer, is also Facility Speaker and represents BESSY II both within and outside HZB.