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Structure of the month - September 2009

Monecke_September09_fig1 - enlarged view

Figure 1. Structure of the SPN1⋅CRM1⋅RanGTP nuclear export complex. Two perpendicular views of the complex in cartoon representation are depicted. CRM1 adopts an overall toroid like structure and is colored in green. RanGTP (red) is engulfed mainly by the N-terminal part and additionally bound by the acidic loop (white) of CRM1. The Ran-bound GTP molecule is depicted in ball-and-stick mode (grey carbons). SPN1 (purple) is bound far away from RanGTP on the outer surface of the exportin involving three different parts: The N-terminal helix resembling a canonical NES, the m3G-cap binding domain and a C-terminal portion.

Monecke_September09_tab1 - enlarged view

Table 1. Crystallographic data statistics.