Excillum MetalJet 160kV

The In-situ X-ray Lab at Adlershof is dedicated to the study of reactive growth processes of functional thin films by in-situ real-time X-ray diffraction. The laboratory is equipped with a high flux metal jet X-ray source and a Pilatus area detector. The metal jet X-ray source generates high flux radiation at the characteristic Ga-Kα (9.2 keV) and In-Kα (24.2 keV) lines. In addition, continuous polychromatic X-ray radiation up to 160 keV is generated by bremsstrahlung. Tailor made in-situ process chambers can be mounted between the X-ray source and the detector to analyze film formation processes during film deposition or during annealing under reactive atmospheres.

Due to the complexity of the instrument it is not possible to operate this instrument without assistance. Booking of the metal jet instrument will only be possible after prior consultation with the instrument responsible and detailed planning of the experiments

Excillum MetalJet 160kV (WCR)

Excillum MetalJet 160kV (WCR)

X-rays are generated by a microfocus electron beam hitting a liquid metal jet consisting of f 80% Ga and 20% In. The X-ray source size is between 20 and 100 µm in diameter. The emitted radiation is collimated by a rectangular slit system. The In-Kb radiation is filtered out by an Ag foil. The lab is equipped with nitrogen supply, a gas exhaust, and standard and high current (16 A and 63 A) power supply at 220 V to run deposition and annealing chambers.