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HZB magazine "lichtblick"

What happens at our research centre? Which people work at HZB and what do they do here? How is our science progressing? In our magazine "lichtblick" we give insights into our centre in portraits, interviews and reports. 

Digital issues

February 2024

PDF: February 2024


Cover story, p. 4: Michelle Browne

p. 8: HZB's greenhouse gas balance sheet shows where we need to take action

p. 14: Interview with the new Equality Opportunities Officer

p. 16: How we can work well together? Ideas for more diversity

p. 18: Der grüne Wiederaufbau der Ukraine

p. 24: Construction projects 2024

p. 26: Open Office promotes dialogue

p. 27-28: Personalia and Awards

p. 31: Recipes from all over the world

    December 2022 - English Issue

    PDF: December 2022 - English Issue


    • Video-Interview Bernd Rech
    • Cover story from page 4: Patent assessor Julia Wienold
    • Page 8: How do you say goodbye to a
      fulfilling professional life? Interview with Christian Jung
    • Page 11: New HZB image film
    • Page 12: Sustainable fuels for aviation
    • Page 17: Mobility survey at HZB
    • Page 20: Strategic development of the HZB sides
    • Page 22: The HZB strategy has been published
    • Page 24: Prizes and personell
    • Page 25: Picture puzzle
    • Page 26: The Federal Research Minister visited the HZB
    • Page 27: Recipes from all over the world - find more recipes in the book "ScienceFood"
    • Page 28: Notes of HZB & Christmas greeting

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