Excillum MetalJet 70kV

The metal jet X-ray source generates white X-rays up to 70 keV that are superimposed by the characteristic spectrum of Ga (9.2 keV). Thus, the source is suitable for many applications and measurement methods. The instrument concept is modular to enable energy- and angular-dispersive diffraction modes for residual stress, texture and microstructure determinations in the surface zone of materials. Furthermore, imaging measurements will be made available by a support setup for radiography and tomography detectors. Due to the complexity of the instrument it is not possible to operate this instrument without assistance. Booking the metal jet instrument will only possible after prior consultation with the instrument responsible

Excillum MetalJet 70kV (LMC)

Excillum MetalJet 70kV (LMC)

X-rays are generated by a microfocus electron beam hitting a Ga-rich liquid metal jet. An option for X-ray optical components for beam focusing and monochromatization is currently under development. The base of the sample table consists of a two-circle HUBER diffractometer with 800-mm-diameter each for rotation (Ω) and angular detector movement (2θ). On top, an x-y-z translation unit can move sample setups up to 200 mm along each axis. The sample stage is made to carry heavy loads and, thus, allows for further sample environment equipment, e.g. furnaces and stress rigs. Moreover, a HUBER 512 Eulerian cradle including a local x-y-z- stage is available for further sample manipulation.

Measurement control is performed with the HZB CARESS software. Experiment analysis software is available depending on the choice of measurement method and detection systems.