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Institute Silicon Photovoltaics

Cleanroom @EE-IS - EMIL

This clean room belongs to class 5 and is exclusively for silicon technology. Substrates of edge lengths between 10 by 10 mm and 150 by 150 mm or from 2 inch to 150 mm diameter can be processed here.


In the EMIL clean room, it is possible to treat silicon samples with wet chemical methods immediately prior to their coating in the SISSY laboratory. The samples can be transferred directly from the clean room through a material lock into the coating laboratory so that, for example, there are only extremely short times between final HF dip and the layer deposition.

The following processes are available:


A wet process line is available, which allows the processing of small samples in beakers as well as the batch operation with whole wafers in process basins. The wet bench consists of a total of 4 segments, each of them is equipped for special tasks:

Cleaning segment

  • RCA cleaning
  • HF-dips

Etching segment

  • Saw damage etch and etching of random pyramids
  • Etching processes for silicon samples

Ozone segment

  • Treatment of silicon samples in ozone containing solutions (cleaning, generation of very thin oxides)

 Spin processor segment

  • Cleaning and etching processes in a spin processor  (single wafer process)


For additional process controlling there is an optical microscope with magnifications of 50x, 200x, 500x, 100x, 1500x) as well as bright and dark field.