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Institute Science and Technology of Accelerating Systems

Small Vertical Test Stand (SVTS) for prototype cavities

A small helium bath cryostat used available for RF testing of small prototype cavities, such as 1.3 GHz 1-cell or 2-cell. The cryostat is connected to a helium cryogenic plant. For simplicity, it has no LN2 shield—the thermal radiation shield is cooled by the He-exhaust line. A liquid helium refill is required every 24-48 hours depending on testing conditions. A local clean room allows for particle free mounting of pumping lines. Besides RF measurements, extensive diagnostics for cavity characterization, such as magnetic field mapping, temperature mapping and second sound quench detection, is available.

enlarged view

The STVS with an insert being readied for lowering into the cryostat


  • Measure surface resistance vs RF field in cavities

  • Cooling capacity: 40 W @ 1.8 K

  • Operating temperature: 1.5 K - 4.2 K

  • Usable diameter/height: 564 mm/1394 mm

  • RF frequency: 415 MHz - 3200 MHz

  • Temperature mapping (2 ms aquisition time)

  • Magnetic flux mapping (2 ms aquisition time)

  • Second sound quench detection measurements


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