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Institute Science and Technology of Accelerating Systems

Horizontal Bi-Cavity Testing (HoBiCaT) for tests of dressed cavities

The HoBiCaT facility is designed for tests of “fully-dressed” SRF cavities in CW mode. Cavities in HoBiCaT can be equipped with all components that are needed for subsequent operation in an SRF module (e.g., HOM loads, tuner, high-power input coupler, magnetic shield etc).  Thus final acceptance testing prior to module integration can take place in HoBiCaT. Heat intercept stations are available at 4.2 K and 80 K.


  • Horizontal testing of up to two fully dressed TESLA type cavities simultaneously

  • Ambient magnetic field ca. <5 µT

  • Operating temperature: 1.8 K - 4.2 K

  • Usable frequency: 400 MHz - 3100 MHz

  • Usable diameter: 1 m

  • Usable length: Two TESLA cavities back-to-back

  • Cooling capacity: 80 W @ 1.8 K

  • Cold bead pull for multi-cell cavity field profile measurements in the superconducting state.

  • Radiation protection up to 5 Sv/h

Further reading:

O. Kugeler et al, "Adapting TESLA technology for future cw light sources using HoBiCaT", Rev. Sci. Inst., 81, 074701 (2010)


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