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Institute Science and Technology of Accelerating Systems

Quadrupole Resonator (QPR)

New material treatment techniques for niobium (e.g., nitrogen infusion) and new SRF materials (such as multilayer superconductors) can have a dramatic impact on SRF operation, especially for CW systems. Sample tests are best suited to analyze these materials in a controlled manner over a wide range of parameters.  The quadrupole resonator provides a very flexible system to analyze the RF performance of materials over a wide range of temperature and RF field level at multiple frequencies, which can rapidly be adjusted for parameter scans. The surface resistance can be measured down to nano-Ohm resolution.


  • Measure surface resistance vs RF magnetic field (up to 120 mT)
  • Measure surface resistance vs temperature (1.5 K - > 20 K)
  • Measure surface resistance vs RF frequency (@417 MHz, 850 MHz, 1300 MHz)
  • Measure superheating field
  • Measure penetration depth
  • Perform trapped flux studies
  • Measure Tc


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