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Institute Science and Technology of Accelerating Systems

SRF infrastructure

Particle accelerators address a very wide range of applications from  particle physics to materials research as well as industrial and medical applications. Increasingly, superconducting radio-frequency systems  (SRF) are the enabling technology for both large-scale and compact  systems.

The SupraLab at HZB provides, at one location, the infrastructure suite and testing expertise for the entire SRF development chain from first superconducting sample analyses all the way through full SRF module operation.


SRF Systems Testing in SupraLab

Examples of test stands and facilities

  • Quadrupole Resonator : RF characterization of samples as a function of temperature, frequency and RF field
  • TraMaFlu : Magnetic flux trapping characterization in superconducting samples
  • SVTS : Single-cell/two-cell prototype cavity testing including special diagnostics
  • LVTS : Full vertical cavity testing without and with helium tank
  • HoBiCaT : Dressed cavity testing (incl. helium tank, tuner, coupler, shields …)
  • CoupCond : High-power RF coupler conditioning
  • Cryogenics : A large, distributed cryogenic plant supplies liquid helium to the various test facilities
  • Clean room : An 100 sqm, ISO 4 clean room for SRF cavity preparation and assembly


Prof. Dr. Jens Knobloch Telefon / Phone (030) 8062 - 14883