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Institute Science and Technology of Accelerating Systems

SRF infrastructure

G-ISRF operates different facilities, some of which are used for in-house research, others are part of the BESSY-II infrastructure, some serve both purposes.


Overview HoBiCaT

The HoBiCaT facility has been set up and operated at the Helmholtz-Zentrum-Berlin and BESSY since 2005. Its purpose is testing superconducting cavities in cw mode of operation and it was successfully demonstrated that TESLA pulsed technology can be used for cw mode of operation with only minor changes.

Cryogenic infrastructure

Cryogenic infrastructure

A cryogenic infrastructure distributes liquid helium to HoBiCaT, and other cryogenic components. It will be extended to the requirements of BerlinPro.

Vertical test stand

Vertical test stand
G-ISRF is presently building a vertical test stand suitable for testing cavities without tank or performing cryogenic experiments with shorter turn-around time.


Overview Radiofrequency

G-ISRF is providing RF power to fulfill the requirements of the BESSY II ring, the upcoming BerlinPro accelerator, HoBiCaT and the PTB storage ring Willy Wien.