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The library and its services

The HZB's scientific special library procures the required literature - as a loan or by purchase, electronically or on paper, from its own inventory or through interlibrary loan, and also at your workplace in the web browser via direct links on the provider pages or with the help of literature databases.

It supports and advises on publishing in scientific journals (with a focus on Open Access) and concludes publication agreements with publishers. It ensures the quality of the literature database and records all publications from the HZB environment there.

The archive contains all records of the HZB since 1957.


Open Research Europe: EU Open Access publishing platform

With Open Research Europe, the EU's new Open Access publishing platform for publications from Horizon 2020 and, in future, Horzion Europe, officially launches today, 25 March 2021.

New pages for authors in Project DEAL journals

Authors are offered newly compiled information on the DEAL project (Open Access for all articles in Wiley, Springer, Nature journals).

Publications in Gold Open Access journals will continue to be funded decentrally at the HZB, but will be managed and accounted for centrally.

Access to non-free content from outside HZB

For external access to provider pages with content licensed for HZB, please note these Hints.

All contents of the IET journals freely available as of 2013

All contents of the journals of the IET (The Institution of Engineering and Technology) as of 2013 are now freely available.

Journal Checker Tool to easily check your Open Access options

When selecting the journal for publication, please use the Journal Checker Tool to fulfil your obligations to the financiers. For HZB-funded publications, you can enter e.g. "Eur" as the funder.

DEAL contract with Springer Nature - World´s largest Open Access transformation contract [3rd update]

The second project DEAL contract with Springer Nature was signed on 8 January 2020. The agreement is regarded as the world's largest Open Access transformation agreement. Springer Nature is the second most important publishing house for German scientific institutions. More than 13,000 publications by members of these institutions appear in its journals every year.
The DEAL agreement enables Open Access publishing in approximately 2,500 Springer Nature journals and offers participating institutions comprehensive and sustainable access to almost the entire journal portfolio of the publisher.

Source: https://www.projekt-deal.de/springer-nature-contract/ The contract itself: https://doi.org/10.17617/2.3174351

From 1 January 2020, publications by corresponding HZB authors can be published Open Access in currently around 1,900 Springer subscription journals. The reference date is the online publication date of the article.

Publications from 1.8.2020 onwards in pure Gold Open Access journals will have to be paid for by decentralized cost centers despite centralized accounting.

You may obtain a list of available journals at https://keeper.mpdl.mpg.de/f/a6dc1e1ed4fc4becb194/?dl=1.

Details you may find with https://www.projekt-deal.de/springer-nature-vertrag/

Please make sure that you enter the license (CC BY) correctly and do not opt out of Open Access. Springer Nature is very inflexible in case of subsequent changes of the license!

Free access to journals of the Royal Society

In the face of the Corona crisis, the British Royal Society has lifted the access controls for its journals.

The e-mail about this states:

"Following our decision to make our relevant COVID-19 content freely available, we have now decided to lift all access controls for our journals in the current situation. We want to support our librarians and researchers and understand that people may work from a distance for some time. We do not want access problems to interfere with the work for our end users during this time".

You can find the content with https://royalsociety.org/journals/#listing

Publications in Wiley journals from July 2019

From July 2019, all publications by corresponding HZB authors will appear in Wiley journals (please look at https://keeper.mpdl.mpg.de/f/1578cfa1ea894d50970f/?dl=1) under the CC BY license.

If you would like to publish there, please inform yourself beforehand about the changed procedure. General and very helpful information you may find with https://authorservices.wiley.com/author-resources/index.html

Please select only the correct CC BY license.

IEEE Xplore - 4.8 million media items available

The IEEE Xplore collection of journal articles, conference papers, standards and e-books from the American Institute of Electric and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has been available since the beginning of 2019. It contains over 4.8 million media.


Full-text databases INSPEC and Academic Search Ultimate

Since the beginning of 2019, the two literature databases

 INSPEC (abstracts and indexations from the fields of physics, electrical engineering, electronics, communication, control engineering, computer science, information technology, manufacturing, production and mechanical engineering)


 Academic Search Ultimate (full-text collection of about 10000 peer-reviewed journals covering all reseach areas)

are at your disposal.

Ways to reach us personally

The library staff are available during normal working hours (preferably by e-mail or by telephone).

Interlibrary loans and media can be picked up every work day from Mrs. Friedrich (DV 202) or Mrs. Thunert (DV 203).


Dr. Andreas Tomiak

Dr. Andreas Tomiak, ORCID 0000-0002-3952-5416

Library head

Tel:  +49 30 8062 - 42593

Fax: +49 30 8062 - 42953


Library ID: B 1505
ISIL: DE-B1505
ZDB Library ID (BIK): 181505-2
DBS ID Number: CR014
Library ID of EZB: HMIB