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Journals - search, retrieve and order

This page is your starting point if you need access to the full text of an journal article, whether

  • the journal is directly accessible for you because it is in our portfolio of licenced journals or
  • it is in our stock of print journals (search the ZDB database) or
  • neither is the case and we need to get the full text for you from another library (inter-library loan)

In a search for an online journal article, if you know its DOI, please try FATER or http:://doai.io  first. Otherwise you may want to try a Web of Science or SCOPUS search. Please have a took into our hints.

In case you initiate a journal search with the electonic journal library EZB,

the color of the traffic signals give some indication whether full texts of a journal are accessible throuh a licence (yellow), accessible for everyone (green, Open Access journals), or not accessible (red). Tables of content and abstracts are usually accessible in any case.

Please note that the traffic signs, other than in real life, are not binding indications here. There can be a number of reasons why they show a false color.

Hint: Due to the manual method of entry, the access status may be false.

For more hints about e-journals, see here.

Conditions of use

Please note the conditions of use issued by the respective publisher.
Usually these are points you should be aware of:

1. Access to full texts is limited to scientists working at the licencing institution.
2. Full texts may be printed or stored only for research purposes by the person who was granted access.
3. Systematic downloads of articles, notably by robots, are not permitted.
4. Articles may not be given to people outside the licensing institution, neither in electronic nor in printed form.