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Books and reports - search, retrieve or order

Frequently asked questions about the OPAC

A book is in stock but shown in red, what about it?

Please click on the title line, you then get additional information

A book is in stock but taken out

Please talk to us (Tel. 42659 or 42660) or leave an e-mail (library@helmholtz-berlin.de), we will check the status of the book for you.

A book is not available and the signature contains the extra entry "Hdex"

It is a book whose location is in one of the (mostly historical now) HZB departmental libraries. Please talk to us, we try to get it from there for you.

I want to know who has taken out a book from the library

Privacy forbids to make this information public - remember that the OPAC can be searched worldwide. If you need a book which has been taken out we will look up the necessary information and will tell you whether we can call back the book or not.

When I start the searching I get the message "retry connecting"

Please do what you are asked to do: click on the line retry connecting.