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Measures and Regulations against the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

Due to the current infection incidence in Berlin the following rules apply.

  PLEASE NOTE: Rules can change on short notice in accordance to the current pandemic situation  

General entry requirements

(1)  All users coming from outside Germany must check the current entry regulations on


(2)  If you spent time in a high-risk area, it is required to complete the digital registration on entry and send a copy of your entry form to photons@helmholtz-berlin.de in advance.

(3)  Users from areas of variants of concern (according to RKI definition) are not allowed to perform on-site experiments at HZB.

(4)  Experiment time at HZB does not constitute an urgent need for travel.

(5)  Please find more detailed information for travellers here.

Quarantine regulations

(1)  If a quarantine is requested by the entry regulations, we have to ask you to organize this by yourself. The guesthouse(s) of HZB cannot be used for any kind of quarantine.

(2)  Expenses for quarantine are not reimbursed by HZB.

(3)  The decision on the length of quarantine is in the responsibility of the local health department.

Vaccination Regulations ("2G")

Starting October 11th only vaccinated or recovered persons are admitted (2G rule - geimpft, genesen).

Only those persons who have been vaccinated with a vaccine listed on the website of the Paul Ehrlich Institute, which guarantees the requirements of complete vaccination protection, will be recognized as vaccinated persons.

Testing obligations

(1)  All external users must provide a negative PoC (point-of-care) antigen test for SARS-CoV-2 at arrival to HZB. The test must be from the same day not be older than 24 h and can be send to photons@helmholtz-berlin.de in advance (PLEASE NOTE: this email must clearly indicate which user and which proposal number it refers to).  

(2)  In case of stays longer than one day, external users must present a negative PoC test on a daily basis.

(3)  Registered experimentalists are allowed to use the HZB Corona test center. The test center is located at Magnusstraße 2, HZB building 13.10. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 8:00 to 12:00 (noon). Testing is free of charge.

  Testing obligations are also valid for vaccinated people or convalescents.  


  • If necessary, operation might have to be interrupted even on short notice
  • Beamtime that has to cancelled due to the pandemic is cancelled for good
  • Re-scheduling or backlog is not possible

Safety & Access Rules

The following rules apply for access to all HZB campuses, the experimental hall of BESSY II, CoreLabs and in all HZB laboratories:

(1)  Members of experimental teams should originate from the same institute/laboratory the best, the same country at least.

(2)  Persons who work in the storage ring hall must check daily their body temperature at the BESSY gate before entering work and enter themselves in a contact list at the BESSY gate.

(3)  A maximum of 5 persons is allowed at the beamline or at the experimental set up at any time.

(4)  Wearing mouth and nose protection (medical or FFP2/KN95) is mandatory in the experimental hall, in all HZB laboratories and CoreLabs and on all HZB campuses.

(5)  Guarantee the required minimum distance of 2 meters to other people at all times.

(6)  If it is inevitable to work at shorter distance for a short time, use FFP2/KN95 masks, face shields and gloves.

(7)  If there is no appropriate protection -> postpone the work.

(8)  Disinfect tables, keyboards etc. regularly.

Operation and experiments at BESSY II strongly rely on your sense of responsibility.

Remote Access

Due to corona risks HZB encourages all users to reduce the amount of staff in your experimental team on-site, if possible down to zero. Therefore at an increasing number of beamlines and experimental stations, we offer mail-in services and remote access. Please find the list of possible instruments here. In any case, please, discuss the options and feasibility with our instrument scientists first.
More detailed information on the technical requirements can be found here.

Fast Track Access for SARS-CoV-2 Proposal

In light of the rapidly changing situation world-wide resulting from the SARS-CoV-2 virus BESSY II would like to ensure that it is doing everything possible to support researchers in their efforts to discover more about the virus and bring us closer to an effective vaccine or treatment. We are offering priority fast track access for groups who require instrument time for projects directly related to SARS-CoV-2. In order to submit a proposal for SARS-CoV-2 related research please contact us by email. More detailed information about our service at BESSY II can be found here.