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Department Spin and Topology in Quantum Materials

1 squared ARPES

The 1 squared ARPES system is aimed at a much wider spectrum of angle-resolved photoemission experiments than its 1 cubed sibling. The system is equipped with a manipulator with 6 degrees-of-freedom (the IFW Dresden designed Cryoax 6) that allows for a much broader exploration of reciprocal space. In addition, the system has versatile sample handling and preparation facilities.

Key characteristics

•  High-flux, high-resolution plane grating monochromator beam-line.

•  6-axis manipulator operable in 20 - 300 K temperature range.

•  High-resolution Scienta R8000 electron energy analyzer, optimized for low energy applications.

•  Flexible sample handling.

enlarged view

1 squared

Preparation and characterization facilities

•  LEED optics.

•  Ion-gun for sample cleaning.

•  Conductive lower-temperature annealing stage (T ≤ 1400 K) or

•  Electron bombardment annealing stage to allow for preparation of refractory metals.

•  E-beam metal evaporators.

•  Quartz microbalance.

•  Magnetization coil.

•  Samples can either be mounted on Omicron plate holders, or IFW-designed Cu wedge holders for best low-temperature performance.