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Projekte / Zusammenarbeit

RA 1041/2-2
Sept 2013 - Sept 2016
"Cooperation of strong spin-orbit and exchange interactions in graphene"
in DFG Priority Program SPP 1459 "Graphene"

DFG Priority Program SPP 1666 "Topological Insulators"
Coordinator: O. Rader

RA 1041/7-1
June 2013 - June 2016
"Magnetic topological insulators"

 BMBF-Verbundforschungsprojekt Nr. 05K2013
„3D-Vielkanal-Spindet: Entwicklung eines Vielkanal-Vektor-Spinpolarimeters für den Messplatz Phoenexs bei BESSY II

Helmholtz-Russia Joint Research Group
Coordinator: A. Varykhalov
with L. V. Yashina (Moscow State Univ.) and A. M. Shikin (St. Petersburg State Univ.)

Various projects within
German-Russian Interdisciplinary Science Center (G-RISC)
funded by DAAD