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Joint Research Group Macromolecular Crystallography

Purification and Cell Culture Lab

enlarged view

Figure 1: Purification Lab, Figure 2: Image of the Äkta™purifier

The purification and cell culture room is meant to allow the purification of proteins from cell growth to final isolated, concentrated protein. The cultivation of bacteria is ensured by an incubator shaker Innova 43R with refrigeration option.  Fast and gentle cell harvest and purification of the target protein is provided by a high performance centrifuge Avanti® J-E and an Äkta™purifier plus an UNICHROMAT 1500 cooling cabinet.
Additionally, the room is equipped with a refrigerated centrifuge Megafuge 1.0R ideal for standard separation tasks and a large–capacity freezer Innova U725. For mammalian cell systems a Nunc Galaxy Mini A CO2-incubator is available to provide optimum cell growth conditions.