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Joint Research Group Macromolecular Crystallography


The MX-group operates a micro-spectrophotometer in a small laboratory room next to the MX-beamlines, called SpectroLab. The micro-spectrophotometer assembly can illuminate protein crystals down to a focus size of 30 μm with microscope objectives. The illumination source is a deuterium/tungsten halogen lamp, covering the UV/VIS range from 200 -1100 nm. The spectrometer itself is an OceanInsight HR2000+ES. Protein crystals can be viewed at room temperature or cryo cooled by an Oxford Cryojet XL. The spectrometer is operated with the OceanView software. SpectroLab room lighting can be from white light or LEDs with wavelengths of 462 nm (blue), 517 nm (green), 591 nm (amber), or 629 nm (red). Dark operation is also possible.

Instrumentation details

  • Manufacturer: NatX-Ray
  • UV/VIS/NIR range: 200 - 1100 nm
  • Source: DH-2000-BAL (OceanInsight)
  • Spectrometer: HR2000+ES (OceanInsight)
  • Sample holder: 2-axis goniometer with magnetic base for SPINE sample holders
  • min. Focus: 30 μm
  • visualisation: video microscope
enlarged view

The micro-spectrophotometer assembly in the SpectrLab.

enlarged view

Close-up on the sample position with goniometer, objectives, and cryojet.

enlarged view

Spectra of a phytochrome crystal predominantly in its Pr state (blue) and after photoconversion with 590 nm light at room temperature (orange). The spectra were recorded at 100 K. Courtesy of Jon Hughes, JLU Gießen.

enlarged view

Phytochrome crystal in a loop and sample mount with custom made illumination. ©J. Hughes