Remote access

depends on experiment - please discuss with Instrument Scientist

Station data
Temperature range -200 - 1000 °C
Pressure range
  • Scienta EW4000 electron analyzer
  • Bruker Si-drift detector
Manipulators automated 5-axis manipulator
Sample holder compatibility
Additional equipment
  • application of electronic bias to samples
  • deposition chambers
  • UHV sample storage chambers
  • three load locks
Assigned to beamline(s)
UE48_EMIL 80 eV to 2300 eV
CPMU17_EMIL 2000 eV to 10000 eV

The permanently installed SISSY I endstation can access the full energy range of the EMIL system (i.e., both soft x-ray and hard x-ray beamlines) at the same focal point. The primary technique is x-ray photoemission spectroscopy, recorded using a Scienta EW4000 electron analyzer. The chamber also contains a Bruker Si-drift detector for XRF measurements. The automated 5-axis manipulator allows heating (to ~1000°C), cooling with liquid N2, and application of electronic bias to samples. 

The endstation is connected to the the SISSY lab's UHV backbone, allowing automated transfer to and from the attached deposition chambers, as well as to UHV sample storage chambers and three load locks. One of the load locks is connected directly to the UHV system.