The EMIL beamline has two branches – soft (80 eV – 1800 eV) and hard (1800 eV – 10 keV) x-rays – that converge at the SISSY I endstation. The endstation features an angle-resolved photoelectron analyzer for PES/HAXPES and fluorescence detectors for XAS. The endstation is attached to an extensive UHV “backbone” containing off-synchrotron analysis chambers and large-scale deposition tools; interchange of samples between the endstation and all tools allows novel multipart experiments to be performed.

  • In-system deposition (via sputtering, evaporation, other methods) followed by automatic UHV transfer to characterization systems
  • Analysis of Rh segregation in an oxidized Ga layer
  • Monitoring beam damage and influence of voltage and light on a in situ operated perovskite solar cell
  • Change of a SiOx layer due to extensive annealing up to 900°C for 30 min
  • Note that x-ray standing wave experiments are currently not specifically supported
Hemispherical electron analyser of the SISSY I endstation at the EMIL beamline. © Volker Mai /HZB

Hemispherical electron analyser of the SISSY I endstation at the EMIL beamline. © Volker Mai /HZB



Remote access

depends on experiment - please discuss with Instrument Scientist

Station data
Temperature range -170 - +1400 °C; in front of the analyzer temperature range is limited to +500°C
Pressure range
  • Scienta EW4000 electron analyzer
  • Bruker Si-drift detector
  • Channeltron fluorescence detector
Manipulators automated 5-axis manipulator
Sample holder compatibility
  • Prevac sample holder System
  • possible sample size 1cmx1cm up to 5cmx5cm including annealing up to 1400°C
  • up to 10cmx10cm annealing limited to 800°C
  • samples up to 6” wafer possible without annealing possibility
Additional equipment
  • application of electronic bias to samples
  • Contact to two individual electrodes possible
  • measurement of IV curves in situ
  • deposition chambers (magneton sputter source, e-beam evaporator)
  • UHV sample storage chambers
  • load locks for sample transfer from ambient and inert gas conditions into UHV
  • Prep chamber for metal evaporation and annealing during exposure to partial pressure of gases (e.g. oxygen) limited to 4x10-4 mbar