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Focused Ion Beam

The Crossbeam combines the imaging and analytical performance of an scanning electron microscope with the ability for material processing and sample preparation with focused Galliumions. The capabilities including 3D nanotomography,  nanofabrication and lamellas for transmission electron microscopy.

Zeiss Crossbeam 340 (LMC)

  • Gemini I VP Column for various pressure ranges
  • InLens Duo Detector
  • 5pA-100nA FIB-currents
  • Single GIS with platinum
  • Multi GIS platinum, carbon, XeF2, water und Charge Compensation
  • Manipulator with needle or microgripper
  • Transfer system for air sensitive samples
  • Bruker XFlash EDX system

 Orion NanoFab (LMC)

  • Helium- and Neonbeam allows the creation of nanostructures lower 10 nm
  • Resolution of 0,5 nm
  • 5-10 times higher depth of field compared to FE-SEM
  • Investigation of non-conductive samples surfaces in combination with electron flood gun
  • Differential probe currents for the protection of sensitive materials such as biological samples or graphene
  • Transfer system for air sensitive samples