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Institute Silicon Photovoltaics

High efficiency cells and material development

The demonstration of high conversion efficiencies is mandatory to establish a novel solar cell technology. Therefore, our goal is to assess the potential of liquid phase crystallized silicon absorbers on glass, to determine present limitations and to develop methods to overcome those limitations.

Our work include the deposition and characterization of materials to passivate the interface between glass substrate and silicon (interlayer) or the development of tailored methods to increase the electronic quality of the polycrystalline bulk. For this purpose, the institute operates an integrated PECVD/PVD cluster and a lasercrystallization system in vacuum or in atmosphere. In order to demonstrate high efficiencies, we develop and fabricate IBC solar cells that are carefully designed to fulfill the requirements of these absorbers. Finally we utilize 2D- and 3D- device simulations to support the further development of the liquid phase crystallization technology.


IBC on LPC-Si progress - enlarged view

Efficiency progress for LPC solar cells (left), IBC cells on LPC absorber (right)