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Institute Silicon Photovoltaics

Wet-chemical Conditioning of Silicon surfaces

The influence of the most important wet-chemical cleaning and passivation procedures on the electronic properties of Si interfaces was investigated by combining two surface sensitive techniques, the spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE) and the surface photo voltage method (SPV).


enlarged view

AFM images and Dit,min as a function of the effective surface micro-roughness <dr>, obtained on n- and p-type Si(111) after etching in HF (48%) (0 s to 600 s) (curves1 and 2), and on initially atomically flat p-type Si(111) surfaces prepared by wet-chemical oxidation in (i) RCA II solution, (ii) in H2SO4/H2O2 and (iii) in DIW at 80C and subsequent oxide removal in NH4F solution (curve 3)


Dit(E) distributions as obtained by SPV measurements on polished Si surfaces after (1) thermal oxidation (dox∼=1000˚A), (2) H-termination by NH4F treatment (dr∼=1˚A), and on ultra-thin wet-chemical oxides (dox∼=10 . . . 20˚A) prepared in (3) ultra pure water 80C (dox∼=15˚A) or in concentrated solution of (4) HNO3130C, (5) H2SO4/H2O2, (6) NH4OH/H2O2/H2O: RCA I), and (7) HCl/H2O2/H2O:RCA II

Surface morphology and electronic properties of wet-chemically prepared Silizium (111)-surfaces

Stability of H-terminierted Si surfaces during storage on clean-room air


Duration of the initial phase of oxidation, tini, in clean-room air as a function of the initial Dit,min on H-terminated Si(111) prepared by (i) by hot water oxidation + NH4F (<dr> 1 Å), (ii) by RCA + NH4F (<dr> 3 Å), (iii) by HF 48 % treatments (<dr> 4,5 …12 Å). The time tini was obtained by UV-VIS SE measurements of the oxide-thickness reaching one monolayer


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