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Department Spin and Topology in Quantum Materials

Microscopy of functional devices

Resistive switching memory devices (ReRAM) show switch between resistive states by means of electrically meanings; commonly accepted to be due to oxygen vacancies displacement PEEM shows voltage driven cationic voltage driven accumulation/depletion.

Figure La2/3Sr1/3MnO3:

  • Top: Kelvin Prove Microscopy image of a writing and an erasing process
  • Bottom: contact potential difference profile
  • Right: PEEM images obtained on a modified LSMO surface at the La M5 Mn L3, and O K-edge

C. Moreno, C. Munuera, S. Valencia, F. Kronast, X. Obradors, C. Ocal.
Nano Letters 10, 3828 (2010)