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Department Atomic-Scale Dynamics in Light-Energy Conversion


CE-NOGP group picture - enlarged view

The group members of CE-NOGP: (from left to right) Hanna, Martin, Robert, Garlef, Wilson, and Dennis. November 2021 at Bowling World Berlin, Germany.

Head of Young Investigator Group
Seidel, Dr. Robert 8062 - 15302 robert.seidel@helmholtz-berlin.de
Deputy Head of Young Investigator Group
Staff and Guests

Former group members

06/2018 - 10/2022: Dr. Garlef Wartner (now postdoc at MPI CEC / FHI Berlin)

02/2020 - 06/2022: Dr. Wilson Quevedo (now postdoc at EMIL / HZB)

03/2019 - 04/2022: Dr. Martin Schellenberger (now postdoc at CE-EES / HZB)

05/2018 - 01/2022: Dr. Dennis Hein (now at Senacor)

03/2017 - 02/2018: Dr. Arno Bergmann (now group leader at FHI Berlin)

group picture EE-NOGP 2020 - enlarged view

The group members of EE-NOGP: (from left to right) Garlef, Dennis, Robert, Martin, and Wilson. February 2020 at Chorin, Germany.