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Department Electrochemical Energy Storage

Electrochemical Characterization Lab - LS 219/223

Micro Quartz Balance

  • Suitable for SuperCaps and Batteries
  • ng/cm² detection
  • Temperature controlled
  • Combination with GAMRY wizard

UV-vis spectroscopy

  • 8 ms per spectrum
  • 2 sources:
  • UV+halogen
  • halogen source
  • Two detectors (<1nm resolution)
  • Static setup for cuvettes or sheets (transmission)
  • 2 transmission probes for operando experiments


  • Measurement of skeletal density
  • Measurement of settled apparent density of powders
  • He, Ar, N2, CO2
  • Calibration is very important!

Multi-Channel Potentiostat

  • Biologic
  • 16 Channels for coin cells
  • Server Device (can be controlled from every computer in the network)

Single-Channel Potentiostats

  • Mobile devices for operando experiments
  • Wear gloves when touching operando cells