The EMIL beamline has two branches – soft (80 eV – 1800 eV) and hard (1800 eV – 10 keV) x-rays – that converge at the SISSY I endstation. The endstation features an angle-resolved photoelectron analyzer for PES/HAXPES and fluorescence detectors for XAS. The endstation is attached to an extensive UHV “backbone” containing off-synchrotron analysis chambers and large-scale deposition tools; interchange of samples between the endstation and all tools allows novel multipart experiments to be performed.

Selected Applications:
  • In-system deposition (via sputtering, evaporation, other methods) followed by automatic UHV transfer to characterization systems
  • Analysis of Rh segregation in an oxidized Ga layer
  • Monitoring beam damage and influence of voltage and light on a in situ operated perovskite solar cell
  • Change of a SiOx layer due to extensive annealing up to 900°C for 30 min
  • Note that x-ray standing wave experiments are currently not specifically supported
Hemispherical electron analyser of the SISSY I endstation at the EMIL beamline. © Volker Mai /HZB

Hemispherical electron analyser of the SISSY I endstation at the EMIL beamline. © Volker Mai /HZB



Remote access

depends on experiment - please discuss with Instrument Scientist

Station data
Temperature range -170 - +1400 °C; in front of the analyzer temperature range is limited to +500°C
Pressure range
  • Scienta EW4000 electron analyzer
  • Bruker Si-drift detector
  • Channeltron fluorescence detector
Manipulators automated 5-axis manipulator
Sample holder compatibility
  • Prevac sample holder System
  • possible sample size 1cmx1cm up to 5cmx5cm including annealing up to 1400°C
  • up to 10cmx10cm annealing limited to 800°C
  • samples up to 6” wafer possible without annealing possibility
Additional equipment
  • application of electronic bias to samples
  • Contact to two individual electrodes possible
  • measurement of IV curves in situ
  • deposition chambers (magneton sputter source, e-beam evaporator)
  • UHV sample storage chambers
  • load locks for sample transfer from ambient and inert gas conditions into UHV
  • Prep chamber for metal evaporation and annealing during exposure to partial pressure of gases (e.g. oxygen) limited to 4x10-4 mbar
Applicable at beamline(s)
  • PGM: 700-1600 eV (not available @PINK)
  • DCM: 2200-10000 eV
  • Multilayer mono @PINK: 2300-9500eV
  • UE48_EMIL 80 eV to 2000 eV

    The permanently installed SISSY I endstation can access the full energy range of the EMIL system (i.e., both soft x-ray and hard x-ray beamlines) at the same focal point. The primary technique is x-ray photoemission spectroscopy, recorded using a Scienta EW4000 electron analyzer. The chamber also contains a Bruker Si-drift detector for XRF measurements. The automated 5-axis manipulator allows heating (to ~1000°C), cooling with liquid N2, and application of electronic bias to samples. 

    The endstation is connected to the the SISSY lab's UHV backbone, allowing automated transfer to and from the attached deposition chambers, as well as to UHV sample storage chambers and three load locks. One of the load locks is connected directly to the UHV system.