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Department Radiation Protection

Fields of activity

Personal dosimetry

The personal dosimetry work group provides for the registration and instruction of employees and guests, who are active in radiation protection areas of HZB, equips them with personal dosimeters and monitors the compliance with the statutory limit values for the personal dosage.  Monitoring of dates for the examinations by the radiation protection medical officer and whole body incorporation monitoring as well as the egestive analysis also belong to this.

The duties of this group also include monitoring of the Co 60 and Ir 192 irradiation facility, all radionuclide and measuring laboratories as well as all E-ray equipment and sources of stray radiation.

Radiation protection monitoring

The employees of the radiation protection monitoring group take care that all radiation protection regulations are met at the different experimental facilities of our centre as well as in operation and during maintenance and repair work. Furthermore, the emission and imission monitoring of BERII is part of their scope of functions. As an employee or guest, you can contact these employees if you have any questions on radiation protection in your division, e.g. for an experiment. The monitored sectors include the research reactor BER II, the accelerator system VICKSI for eye tumour therapy as well as the federal state collecting facility of the state of Berlin. Furthermore, the scope of functions of the radiation protection monitoring group includes all activities in connection with radioactive waste and release of materials and objects from controlled areas.

Other important tasks of radiation protection are:

  • Processing of permissions under nuclear and radiation protection legislation
  • Monitoring the compliance with regulations and requirements
  • Supervision of experiments at the large-scale facilities
  • Release of movable objects from controlled areas by measurements and preparation of official release of objects
  • Transport of radioactive substances  
  • Performance of the annual radiation protection instructions
  • Keeping records on all radioactive substances
  • Arrange for professional disposal of radioactive waste
  • Preparation of internal emergency protection schedules and cooperation for the disaster control plan for the environment of BER II