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Department Optics for Solar Energy


SE-AOPT group picture (2021-06)

Department trip to the Wannsee
(Juni 2021)

Danbi Yoo (PhD student), Philipp Tockhorn (associated post doc), Johannes Sutter (PhD student),  Christiane Becker (head of deparment), Klaus Jäger (deputy head of department), Peter Tillmann (PhD student) (from left to right). Not on the picture: Doguscan Ahiboz (PhD student), Florian Riesebeck (MSc student).

Head of Department
Becker, Prof. Dr. Christiane 8062 - 15630 christiane.becker@helmholtz-berlin.de Head of department
Deputy Head of Department
Jäger, Dr. Klaus 8062 - 13647 klaus.jaeger@helmholtz-berlin.de Senior scientist
Office   Email: SE-AOPT-office@helmholtz-berlin.de
Tallarek, Antonia 8062 - 13646 antonia.tallarek@helmholtz-berlin.de
Staff and Guests
Riesebeck, Florian 8062 - 13645 florian.riesebeck@helmholtz-berlin.de MSc student
Tillmann, Peter 8062 - 13645 peter.tillmann@helmholtz-berlin.de PhD Student
Yoo, Danbi PhD Student