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Institute Science and Technology of Accelerating Systems

PhD Theses

Axel Neumann: Compensating Microphonics in SRF Cavities to Ensure Beam Stability for Future Free-Electron-Lasers

Raphael Kleindienst: Radio frequency characterization of superconductors for particle accelerators

Julia Köszegi: Surface resistance minimization in SRF cavities by reduction of thermocurrents and trapped flux

Sebastian Keckert: Characterization of Nb3Sn and Multilayer Thin Films for SRF Applications 

Sarah Aull: The potential of energetic condensation techniques for SRF applications -  The first extensive SRF performance study on Nb/Cu by ECR deposition (@CERN)

Felix Kramer: Impact of Cooldown Conditions on Trapped Flux in Superconducting Niobium

Dorothea Fonnesu: Thin Films on Copper for Superconducting RF Cavities within the Future Circular Collider Study (@CERN, submitted)