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Department Accelerator Operation, Development and Technology

Accelerator Physics Seminar 2019



Seminar Talks 2019


2. April 2019, Andreas Adelmann (PSI), An Update on OPAL - the Open Source Charged Particle Accelerator Simulation Library

4. April 2019, Nicole Nevau (SLAC), Surrogate Modeling for Charged Particle Accelerator Beam Dynamics

4. Juni 2019, Fatih Yaman (Izmir Institute of Technology), Numerical Calculations for Resistive-Wall and Electron-Cloud Wakefields

13. Juni 2019, Liangliang Shi (PSI Villigen), Applications of Wakefields at Free Electron Laser Facilities

14. Juni 2019, Christof Metzger-Kraus, Detailgetreue Simulationen von Teilchen und Feldern

19. August 2019, Alexander Wu Chao (SLAC), Dynamical systems, representation of beams

20. August 2019, Alexander Wu Chao (SLAC), Head-tail effect 

22. August 2019, Günther Rehm (DIAMOND Light Source), Bunch-by-Bunch on uTCA: Some opportunities beyond feedback

2. September 2019, R. Kato (KEK), IR-FEL Project at the cERL and Future EUV-FEL

10. September 2019, Thorsten Kamps (HZB), Radiation generation with the compact energy-recovery linac demonstrator bERLinPro

30. Oktober 2019, Alejandro Castilla (CERN), Preparing SRF Cavities for a test on the SPS

10. Dezember 2019, Siwon Jang (Korea University), The Development of Low-Q Cavity Type Beam Position Monitor with a Position Resolution of Nano Meter for Future Colliders