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Department Accelerator Operation, Development and Technology

Accelerator Physics Seminar 2018


Seminar Talks 2018

30.01.2018, Marten Koopmans (HZB) Interferometric Beam Size Monitor for BESSY

31.01.2018, Peter Kuske (HZB) Technical challenges producing Round Photon Beams in future Storage Ring based Diffraction Limited Light Sources

06.02.2018, Peter Kuske (HZB) Review of injection schemes

19.06.2018, Masamitsu Aiba (PSI), Towards an Upgrade of the Swiss Light Source

22.06.2018, He Feisi (Institute for High Energy Physics Beijing), SRF activities at IHEP

26.06.2018, Valentin Wohlfarth (HUB), PIC simulations of transverse instabilities in plasma wakefield acceleration at PITZ   

10.07.2018, Uwe Niedermayer (TU Darmstadt), Beam Dynamics in Dielectric Laser Accelerators

12.07.2018, Barbara Marchetti (DESY), Status and Plans for the SINBAD Upgrade for ATHENAe

16.08.2018, Simon Koch (HUB), Analytical and numerical optimization of the bERLinPro SRF photoinjector and booster for short pulse applications

29.08.2018, Ilyas Fatkhullin (Moscow Institut of Physics and Technology), Further development of particle swarm optimization method applied to accelerators

05.11.2018, Ali Rajabi (Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran), Details on the work on Iranian Free Electron Laser IRIFEL, the alpha-magnet bunch compressor and / or the compact THz-source

23.11.2018, Hyuk Jin Cha (Korea University Sejong Campus), Design of Superconducting Single Spoke Resonators

29.11.2018, Alisa Healy (Lancaster University, GB), Electron manipulation using terahertz-driven structures; design, fabrication, and testing

18.12.2018, Pavel Evtushenko (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf / Radiation Source ELBA), Radiation Source ELBE Upgrade Considerations