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V1.7.3.3  (Released: June 2024)
  + When the PREC field is queried, the string output of the values is
    formatted accordingly in CaLabGet.vi. This enhancement applies
    only to EPICS records that support the PREC field.
  + The EPICS record type and the native EPICS data type are now also
    displayed in the PVList in CaLabInfo.vi.
  + Added utilities-VIs to add/remove CA Lab to/from palette set (LV)
  ! To avoid confusion with the programming terminology,
    in the caLabPut.vi the label of the input "synchronous"
    has been changed to "wait". (The VI is 100% backward compatible.)
  # Resolved the 39-character string bug.
  # Fixed issues with 64-bit record handling for large numbers.
  # Fixed data type conversationFixed problems with inactive Epics
    variables at the time of programme start.
  # Minor improvements of the SoftIOC Demo.vi
  # The setup no longer requires admin rights.
  # The CA Lab libraries and VIs are now saved under %APPDATA%\calab.

  # Fixed problems with inactive Epics variables
    at the time of programme start.

  # Support of different number or order of fields in CaLabGet/Event
  # CaLabInfo.vi: PV list now has alphabetically sorted PVs names

  # Fixed some output filter issues
  # Improved "SoftIOC Demo.vi"
  - Support discontinued for LabVIEW versions older than 2019
  - Support discontinued for the 32-bit version of CA Lab on Linux

Last version with 32-bit support of CA Lab on Linux
(LabVIEW Community Edition (32-bit) on Windows is still supported)
Last version with backward compatibility up to LabVIEW 8.5

V1.7.2.2 (Released: February 2023)

  # Fixed misleading warning "Missing values to write"
  # Memory leak on write fixed (mode: "variable PV names" = TRUE) 
  # Support for EPICS base 7.0.7 is back


V1.7.2.1 (Released: December 2022)
  # fall back to EPICS base
    (working on fix for 7.0.7)


V1.7.2.0 (Released: November 2022)
  + Compatible with NI Linux Real-Time x86
  + CaLabSoftIoc is now native LabVIEW code (calabioc.dll is no longer needed)
  + CaLabSoftIoc now also works under Linux
  + CaLabInit and CaLabGet has an optional output filter now
    (this can save ressources and increase performance)
    Following values can be combined with OR:
        PV indicators:
            firstValueAsString = 1
            firstValueAsNumber = 2
            valueArrayAsNumber = 4
            errorOut = 8
        PV Info cluster:
            pviElements = 16
            pviValuesAsString = 32
            pviValuesAsNumber = 64
            pviStatusAsString = 128
            pviStatusAsNumber = 256
            pviSeverityAsString = 512
            pviSeverityAsNumber = 1024
            pviTimestampAsString = 2048
            pviTimestampAsNumber = 4096
            pviFieldNames = 8192
            pviFieldValues = 16384
            pviError = 32768
  # Fixed multiple instances of PVs in "myItems" map
  # Fixed crash of negative enums
  # Added mutex for writing PVs
  # EPICS base 7.0.7
  # Some clean up in VIs


V1.7.1.1 (Released: August 2022)
  # restoring some insignificant VI input defaults
    from previous versions v1.7.0.1 to v1.7.0.6
  # adaptations of the examples

V1.7.1.0 (Released: August 2022)
  # EPICS base
  # solved the conflict when unloading libraries
    (this was the reason for the withdrawal of versions V1.7.0.x)
  # User Events revised
  # Internal search algorithm reworked
  # Improved performance for large number of variables (>1.000)
  # Added Parallel Event Demo.vi (LabVIEW 2019 and later)
  # Updated instructions for Linux users
  # Published Code at GitHub https://github.com/epics-extensions/CALab
  # Additional software developer Brian Powell - A warm welcome!

December 2020
  versions V1.7.0.x were withdrawn because they did not run
  sufficiently stable
  fall back to stable version V1.6.0.11

V1.7.0.6 (Released: September 2020)
  # EPICS base
  # BUGFIX caLabPut.vi: fixed memory leak in mode "variable PV names"
  # BUGFIX: CaLabGet "Value array (number)" (2D arrays only)
  # BUGFIX: Put_DBL-1D_PV.vi and Put_I64-1D_PV-1D.vi
            input "Synchronous (F)" is recommend
  # BUGFIX: CaLabEvent_PV.vi and CaLabPut_Main_Initialized.vi
            input "PV name(s)" is required
  + Improved performance for caLabPut and caLabGet (large byte arrays)


V1.7.0.3 (Released: August 2020)
# BUGFIX caLabGet.vi: sometimes 0 elements in result when Timeout=1s

V1.7.0.2 (Released: July 2020)
+ Added warning for duplicate PV names

V1.7.0.1 (Released: June 2020)
# EPICS base 7.0.4
! CA Lab is now running as a service and will only be terminated
when LabVIEW is fully terminated.
! CHANGED default value of the input connector "variable PV names"
to TRUE (the previous default value was confusing)
More info: https://hz-b.de/calab => caLabGet.vi / caLabPut.vi
! CHANGED data type of the input connector "Timeout" to integer
# BUGFIX in CaLabSoftIoc.vi: input field "Data Type" had a blank
space for "bo" (Thanks to Lee)
# BUGFIX in CaLabSoftIOC.vi @64bit: detecting of the softIoc.exe
+ ADDED value range (1-255) for the input connector "Timeout"

V1.6.0.11 (Released: March 2020)
# BUGFIX 60 characters support for CaLabSoftIOC.vi
# EPICS base
# Debug window shows more details

V1.6.0.10 (Released: June 2018)
# PV names can use 60 characters now
# constantly changing PV names can be used again (input connector
'variable PV names' must be set true)
Remark: You will get better performance without this option

V1.6.0.9 (Released: March 2018)
# BUGFIX multithreaded write values
# BUGFIX default input type for name in "CaLabPut.vi"
# corrected "Event Demo.vi"

V1.6.0.8 (Released: March 2018)
+ "CaLabDisconnect.vi": Now you can disconnect several or all
EPICS variables from network without closing all CaLab-VIs
+ "CaLabInit.vi": Now you can initialize Channel Access Variables
before using in "CaLabGet.vi" and "CaLabPut.vi"
+ Field values with enums are displayed with correct enum string now
# EPICS base
# Update of online documentation
# Online documentation moved to http://hz-b.de/calab
- Input "ValueSetsInColums" removed
! Please, replace old CA Lab VIs! The new VIs fit into old structures.

V1.5.1.0 (Released: January 2016)
+ CaLabGet.vi: ADDED optional parameter NoMDEL
NoMEL=true -> ignore monitor dead-band
-> deactivated caching of values
- CaLabGet.vi: connector "Initialize" removed
# CaLabEvent.vi: restart issues fixed
# EPICS base
# VI versioning started
# Update of examples
# Update of online documentation

V1.5.0.5 (Released: August 2014)
+ Environment variable for redirecting debug window output to a file
+ Environment variable for switching off monitoring EPICS variables
This is useful to avoid permanent open network ports. (CompactRIO)
(CA Lab looks only if CALAB_POLLING is defined. The value does not matter.
Events and synchronisation are disabled if you use this polling mode.)
# Non-blocking mutexes to avoid freezing
# Improved CaLabPut to run more smoothly
# Detection of empty PV name in CaLabPut
# Good news for all Linux users: CaLabEvent.vi is working again
Please link the CA Lab library without the option "-llv"

V1.5.0.1 (Released: February 2014)
+++ New server component! +++
+ Configure and start an external "soft IOC shell" instance directly
out of LabVIEW (for Windows only, Linux users really doesn't need it)
+ New VI "CaLabInfo" to show:
current (used) EPICS environment variables
internal EPICS PV cache of CA Lab
# Error code for success is 0 now instead of 1
# Error codes are in user error code range now (7008-7496)
Ca Lab error {7008-7472} - 7000 = Channel Access error code
# Shows more error messages
# Solves problems with restarted VIs
# caLabGet: Solves problems with empty PV name array
# Removes delayed termination of VIs
(found a better way for safe termination)
# PV cache and subcriptions are running until all CA Lab VIs are closed
(stopped VIs have ongoing PV monitors for quick restart)
# Improved Linux compatibility
# EPICS base

Known problems
Linux + current LabVIEW version: The event function is broken. (NI
confirmed the problem and looks for a solution.) The problem is in the
development enviroment only. If you build an executible, all is fine.
(NI 2014-02-24: "The problem is expected to be fixed with the version LV 2014.")

V1.4.1.0 (Released: February 2013)
+ New memory management
+ Gaps in string arrays are possible now; e.g. ['a', 'b', '', 'd']
(EPICS data type must be a string array!)
+ New LabVIEW control "PV Info" (output cluster),
project "CaLabs.lvproj" and aliases "CaLabs.aliases"
(Thanks to Robert M. Everly)
+ Global Channel Access warnings and errors are displayed
via "Debugging window" of LabVIEW
# Just one call of caLab.dll in caLabGet.vi instead of two
# Parallel running instances of CA Lab don't freeze anymore
# Events: Initially disconnected variables receive values
after connection is established (fix)
# Improved LabVIEW convention of VIs
(Thanks to Robert M. Everly)
# Update of ReadMeFirst.txt
# Delayed termination of VIs if they run a very short time (<10sec.)
This guarantees a safe termination of EPICS environment.
# Write values (without synchronous) is up to 10 times faster now
# Read values is up to 5 times faster now
- Removed buffer size (since version 1.3 without function)
- Removed dead lock detecting and auto unfreezing
(No workaround needed anymore)

*** Note ***
If you upgrade existing VIs with CA Lab please exchange:
caLabGetxx.vi -> caLabGet.vi
caLabPutxx.vi -> caLabPut.vi
and click right on greyed out CA Lab VIs and use "Relink to SubVI"
to update type of Polymorphic VI.
Watch out! LabVIEW may result in a misalignment of connectors!!

V1.3.2.1 (Released: August 2012)
# caLabEvent: Solves problems with subscriptions to
multi-element (DBR_TIME_CHAR) variables and NULL values
(Thanks to Phillip J. Wyss -Purdue University-)

Change-log of CA Lab
V1.3.2.0 (Released: July 2012)
# Synchronized puts wait for callbacks now (ca_array_put_callback)
# Less IO delay
# Solved problems with caLabEvent and uninitialized arrays
# Recompiled EPICS base with
rules-db.patch, str-to-enum.patch, fix-907761.patch, comment-nop.patch,
rsrv2.patch, nfsMount.patch and dbReportDev.patch
+ Multi threaded get and put = faster io
+ Dead lock detecting and auto unfreezing
+ Optional warning window

V1.3.1.3 (Released: March 2012)
# Solved 1D-pv-array to 1D-value-array problem
# caLabGet.vi: optimized memory allocation
# caLabPut.vi: documentation updated
# Examples revised and documented better
# Recompiled EPICS base with
rules-db.patch, fix-907761.patch and str-to-enum.patch

V1.3.1.2 (Released: February 2012)
+ caLabPut: New option valueSetsInColumns to hold value sets in columns
instead of rows (value sets in rows for 2d arrays is default now)
# caLabPut optimized for speed (large arrays)
# BUG: caLabGet and caLabGet had transposed arrays in some cases
# Fixes problems with PV names that contain white spaces
# Better handling of oversized value arrays in caLabPut
(Ca Lab uses max. valid array size [NELM field] instead of size=1 now)

V1.3.1.0 (Released: January 2012)
+ caLabPut: New option "synchronous"
(old connector name was "fire and forget")
true = writes value(s) after waiting for the end
of record processing
false = writes value(s) without waiting for the end
of record processing (DEFAULT)
Note: Old projects that use the "fire and forget" feature in caLabPut,
are no longer compatible!

V1.3.0.4 (Released: December 2011)
# Fixes problems with PV names that contain a point
# Better enum string handling for string value output
# Uninstaller detects and terminates running caRepeater.exe now

V1.3.0.3 (Released: December 2011)
+ Completely rewritten
+ EPICS base
+ 64-bit support
+ !!! caLabGet and caLabPut accepts PV arrays now !!!
+ Much faster if you use name arrays
+ Optional fields are no longer static values
(monitoring of optional fields)

# No white spaces in results anymore
# Fixes problem with long PV names
# Memory leak for caLabPut Fixes
# Works with LabVIEW 2011
# Improved polymorphic vi handling (boolean input)
# Fixes caLabPut2x.vi (1D-name-array with 1D-value-array)
# Keeps last valid value in error case

- Fire and forget not longer available
(dummy connectors for compatibility)

V1.2.1.3 (Released: May 2011)
# Fixes multi instances bug
# Fixes for EPICS Base
# Fixes lost values of reconnected channels
# Fixes problems with multiple ioc-server-sources

V1.2.0.0 (Released: February 2011)
+ ADDED "user event" (software trigger) to CA Lab

# Minor changes in startDemo.bat (11 FEB 2011)
# Fixes LabVIEW crash in case of immediately closing VI after
stopping it
# Faster termination of CA Lab VIs

V1.1.1.1 (Released: January 2011)
# Holds last valid value of PV after channel disconnection with
current state info
# Fixes for EPICS Base "escape-paths.patch", "errlog-atExit.patch"
and "rsrv.patch"

V1.1.1.0 (Released: January 2011)
+ Works with LabVIEW 7.0 up to LabVIEW 2010
+ Improved performance (much more faster Channel Access IO,
faster reconnect)
+ Internal PV cache to improve read and write access and reduce
network traffic
+ User defined fields of EPICS PV such as "EGU", "DESCRIPTION" etc.
+ New additional fire-and-forget-bit for speeding up write
If you use the fire and forget mode you'll get no success info
+ User defined timeout for Channel Access communication (optional)
+ User defined buffer for reconnect and put task (optional)
+ More PV information bundled in output cluster
+ Status bit of PV for easy health check

- In LabVIEW 8.5 and higher "initPV.vi" and "disconnectPV.vi"
are no longer needed.
- Reduced user-VIs to "caLabGet.vi" and "caLabPut.vi"

# Fixes memory leak
# Holds last valid value of PV after channel disconnection with
current state info
# Better error handling (no frozen LabVIEW anymore)
# Built with EPICS Base 3.14.12

V1.0.0.3 (Released: June 2010)
- First Release