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Department Optics and Beamlines

Monochromator Control

The monochromator as an optical element of a beamline is located outside of the actual storage ring along the beamlines. On its way through the beamline, the synchrotron light can be adjusted to the special needs of the connected experiment, the monochromator is responsible for the spectral isolation of the relevant wavelength.

There are different types of monochromators: the Plane Grating Monochromator (PGM), the Spherical Grating Monochromator (SGM), the Normal Incidence Monochromator (NIM) and the Double Crystal Monochromator (DCM).

The monochromator group focuses on the efficient control of all monochromators, programming and configuring their components. Motors, as well as controller cards responsible for mirrors, gratings and crystals inside of the monochromators have to be moved very precisely. The user interface to controll all devices is programmed by the monochromator group aswell. Each monochromator requires individual customization of hard- and software according to the attached experiment of the beamline.

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E-Mail Contact

To get in touch with all group members, please use the following e-mail list:


On-call service

To ensure the trouble-free operation of BESSY II for all users, the monochromator group set up a component on-call service "Beamline- and monochromator controls".