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Joint Research Group Ultrafast Dynamics

Optical methods

Laser parameters:

Repetition Rate adjustable by user from 200 kHz to 25 MHz
Pulse Energy

adjustable by user: 0.8 µJ @ frep > 2 MHz < 25 MHz
                                10 µJ @ frep < 2 MHz

Average Output Power adjustable by user: max. 10 W @ frep = 2 MHz
              typical operation: 2 W @ frep = 208 kHz
Pulse Duration 250 fs
Center Wavelength 1030 nm



A high repetition-rate NOPA setup allows for the generation of wavelength-tunable pulses in the range of 440 nm to 990 nm. The pulses can be compressed from the initial duration of ~250 fs down to 20 fs - 30 fs. The NOPA is pumped with frequency tripled pulses from the CLARK-Impulse laser system. A fraction of the laser output is employed to generate a white-light continuum which is used as a seed for the NOPA.
In our setup, the residual of the fundamental beam is used as a pump beam for ultrafast optical pump-probe measurements. The frequency-converted output of the NOPA is employed as the probe beam.