Scientific field: Information

Information includes all processes and materials that can be used to improve information technology, i.e. magnetic materials, (de)magnetization dynamics, superconductors, quantum materials, topological insulators, spintronics, etc. Any effects that are currently used for data storage / processing or that can revolutionize them are of interest in this field.

Please find here a list of instruments at BESSY II which are chosen by your colleagues in the field information.

Station Energy Range Polarisation Beamline Contact
ALICE II 20 - 1900 eV • horizontal
• circular
PM3 Florin Radu
Radu-Marius Abrudan
85 - 1600 eV horizontal U49-2_PGM-1
ARPES One-Cube 4 - 200 eV • linear any angle
• circular
UE112_PGM-2b-1^3 Emile Rienks
Alexander Fedorov
ARPES One-Square 4 - 250 eV • linear any angle
• circular
UE112_PGM-2a-1^2 Andrei Varykhalov
MAXYMUS 200 - 1900 eV Horizontal, Vertical, Circular positive, Circular negative UE46_MAXYMUS Markus Weigand
Sebastian Wintz
Simone Raoux
SPEEM 100 - 1800 eV variable UE49_PGM SPEEM Florian Kronast
Sergio Valencia Molina
Mohamad-Assaad Mawass
spin-ARPES 15 - 200 eV Linear horizontal (fixed) U125_PGM Jaime Sánchez-Barriga
VEKMAG 20 - 1600 eV Circular, Horizontal PM2-VEKMAG Florin Radu
Chen Luo
Victor Ukleev